Open Positions

Are you our new Senior Mechanical Engineer?

In our hardware team at Rebartek, we design and assemble machines for our automated rebar production.  We build gantries, cranes, conveyor belts, tools […]

Industrial workers wanted!

We are looking for Industrial Workers to join us in our new Factory in Hønefoss. You should be a responsible and reliable worker, […]

Are you our new Project Manager?

You will lead our Søgne production division, offer and execute projects, lead the production team and develop our process around it What needs […]

We Are hiring Software Engineer interns

Do you want to join us in turning dull, dirty & dangerous work into a glorious robotic solution?And cut carbon emission through smarter […]

Open application

As of writing this post, Rebartek has 26 humans from 14 nations working out of 6 countries. We take big pride in our […]

Our mission

Our mission is to offer an automated service production service for the construction industry. By using robots for prefabrication of rebar and integrating them tightly with the structural design software, we try to increase the productivity, safety and sustainability of the industry.

We set big goals, we cope with setbacks and dare to stick to our mission. We dare to try, fail and learn from mistakes because we believe that this approach nurtures an innovative work environment.


We are not waiting for someone else to solve the problems. We look for opportunities where others see challenges. We aim to be a driving force for major technological leaps in our field.
We believe that building a successful team requires constant personal growth and self-awareness. Therefore, success requires being humble, listening and learning from each other.

We believe the best way to build trust in our team is to be open and honest. We are honest about what we expect from each other, we are responsible for our actions and give truthful feedback.


Our team values ​​the benefits of diversity. We are building a multinational team with broad knowledge and background from mechatronics and electronics to software engineering. Our admin and management team includes three women with experience in management, finance, PR and engineering. We aim to balance our team, even more, to strengthen our combined skills when we dare to become a key player in the rapidly growing construction industry.