New team member at Rebartek: Serhii Zhurba

Rebartek team welcomes Serhii Zhurba

Rebartek AS team Serhii

Serhii Zhurba, structural engineer at Rebartek

The Rebartek team has been steadily expanding over the past few months, and we are happy to announce that Structural engineer, Sergii Zhurba is now joining us.

Serhii is based in Ukraine and will be joining us in southern Norway as soon as possible. Until then, he will work remotely for Rebartek.

Serhii is a Structural Engineer who has participated in the design of several large international projects such as the stadium for Euro 2012, logistics center, additional buildings for Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, factories, multi-storied houses, office buildings, and solar stations. He is responsible for using the most effective ways to create structures with robot technologies.

Serhii is very enthusiastic in self-development and constantly looking for new challenges and solutions. He will be designing and adjusting rebar cages for Rebartek. He is also experienced in programming and is excited about programming our robots.

We are excited to see what Serhii will bring to the team, and look forward to working with him.


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