New team member & good weekend

Rebartek armeringsjern rebar cages

The Rebartek team has some great news this week: Our Chilean robotic engineer, Felipe Delgado, has received his visa. 

This means that he will be joining us in Norway next week. We are happy and excited to welcome him to the Rebartek team.

In other news, we have been working hard on the new robot for the last few days. Radek and Max are currently testing, calibrating and figuring out the new gripping tool. We still have a way to go, but every day brings us one step closer.

Enjoy this video of our robot “clocking out on a Friday” and have a good weekend!


First robot has arrived

After several months of preparation, the first Rebartek robot finally arrived.

This was a big day for Rebartek.

We are still waiting for more components, such as pneumatic gripper and MIG welding system to arrive. Our plan is to have the hardware up and running within a couple of months. Then, we will start practicing to assemble our first full-scale cage.

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