We Are hiring Software Engineer interns

Do you want to join us in turning dull, dirty & dangerous work into a glorious robotic solution?
And cut carbon emission through smarter designs? That is exactly what we are doing!
Now we are looking for skilful and solution-oriented Developers to help us reach our goals.


Who we are
Our mission is to offer an automated service for the construction industry. By using robots for prefabrication of rebar and integrating them tightly with the structural design software, we increase the productivity, safety and sustainability of the industry.


  • Identify specific, high-impact research opportunities to develop new and improve existing robotics solutions
  • Design, develop and implement new methods and futures for WEB application
  • Build Database and Frontend on top of Microsoft Azure
  • Learn new tools, systems, and programming languages quickly as required by the particular project you are working on

Preferred Qualification

  • Familiar with MongoDB application data platform
  • Experience with CSS and HTML for building responsive designs and apps
  • Web services technologies (REST, HTTP, JSON)
  • Experience with React.js or any familiar frameworks
  • Proficiency in JavaScript (e.g. node.js, React), Python, or similar language
  • Minimum entry-level English is B2

What we offer
We offer an exciting work environment where we build bleeding-edge technology at the interface of structural design, robotics, software and real-life construction projects.
Our package includes flexible work hours and a diverse international team. We value having fun at work and in life!
Before the end of the Internship, we will offer permanent full-time employment to the right candidates.
Please send applications to mail mustafa [aet] rebartek (dot) com

What it’s like to be an intern in Rebartek.

What our IT intern Emil has to say about his time so far in Rebartek

Text and photos by: Jona Runarsdottir.
Intership in engineering and IT in Norway. Sommerjobb i IT og mekatronikk
Emil working toghether with Serhii at our factory.

Emil Morønning Ruud started as an IT- intern at Rebartek in December of last year.  He has now been working with us for a few weeks, so I sat down with him to get his thoughts on the experience so far.

In order to get the word out to students, Rebartek runs ads on kompetansetorget, a platform that connects students at the University of agder and employers. But Emil found us the old fashioned way: -the jungle telegraph.

-I found you through one of your other interns, Nicolay, he says.

Tempted by the tech at Rebartek

When asked about his descision to work for us, he is quick to answer:

-What tempted me the most about working here, is all the tech that is integrated in the work you are doing; Machine vision, robotics and AI, amongst other things.

Intern IT engineer. Sommerjobb innen IT og mekatronikk. Dataingeniør jobb.

In our team, Emil contributes with his skills in programming.

-At the moment we are mainly using Python as our programming language, but we might need to expand on this front at some point.

Doing something that’s never been done

Emil says he finds the other members on the team very eager to help each other, and he explains why that is crucial in a startup like this one:

-We are doing something that hasn’t really been done before. So, understandably no one really has the exact expertize for the interdisciplinary development we’re doing. So we need to try things out all the time. But this also means that you’ve got a job where you are constantly gaining skills.

You don’t need to know it all to be an intern

Emil says he encourages students to apply for an internship at Rebartek, and points out a common apprehension students might have:

-People are often scared that they don’t have all the skills that are important in an intern position. But that really doesn’t apply here. We just need people that have some base-experience or skills in one or more of our fields, and then your job as an intern is to learn as you go.

Rebartek welcomes Emil, and we are looking forward to seeing him develop along with our team.

Interested in an internship? Go to the “let’s talk” button on this page, and get in contact with us! You can also find us on Linkedin and twitter.