Rebartek finishes intensive development period at HAX Shenzhen

Wrapping up in Shenzhen

We’re literally wrapping things up in Shenzhen, China! For the last three months, we’ve been taking our hardware to the next level in the Shenzhen HAX lab. Now the time has come to pack up the robots and head back home. Read on to learn how the experience has been for our employees, and what the HAX team in Shenzhen has to say about Rebartek’s time in their lab.

Shipping our new robot to Norway

SOSV invests in Rebartek

In May of this year, investor SOSV came on board the Rebartek train. We felt very fortunate to land such an experienced and supportive investor. The energy in the whole team was buzzing. -There was just one thing… This meant we were going to China!

Rebartek goes to China

While the thought of traveling to the other side of the world with your awesome coworkers is great, we also knew that this would be a huge adjustment. Our investor, SOSV puts their startups through accelerator programs to speed up their development. Our Accelerator program is HAX, which is focused on developing hardware.

HAX is a hardware accelerator program in cooperation with our investor SOSV. HAX recruits teams with hardware prototypes and turns them into functional, sustainable companies.

The HAX program experience 

Arriving in Shenzhen was a dizzying experience, not only due to the obvious jet lag. The HAX program provides its startups with a workspace, a team of engineers and resources in a tech lab bursting with innovation. The rest is up to you and your team. With all the tools, expertise and experience at our disposal, we had to make sure we did our part to get the most out of our limited time in Shenzhen. 

While in their lab, HAX also provided us with connections and strategic support.  We got to know the facilitators of the program, and they got to know us. Program Director at HAX, Ji Ke, had this to say about Rebartek’s time in the lab:

“This startup is very ambitious and capable of making decisive decisions. The hardware prototype planning is lean, and objective focused; entirely compatible with Shenzhen ecosystems.”

When asked what he thinks sets Rebartek apart from others as a contech startup, Ke had this to say: 

“You are straight on laser-focused on a proven market, and this is due to your team’s experience in this field.”

Ji Ke is responsible for driving the content and delivery of the
HAX Seed accelerator program in Shenzhen.

New Rebartek prototype

Our time in Shenzhen at HAX has been vital to our technical development. We are happy to share that we have made progress at a speed that would not have been possible without an accelerator program such as HAX. 

And to round off our talk with Mr. Ji Ke from HAX, we asked for a one-sentence piece of advice for Rebartek in the next 12 months, his answer was clear and concise: 

“Tech team leadership is going to make or break your company.”

We could not agree more with Ke. And that’s why we are making technical development leadership a big priority in the coming months (more on that another time). 

Rebartek HAX
The team at the HAX labs.

We are grateful and proud to be working with this program, and very excited to bring our new robot prototype home to Norway for testing and production.