We are hiring a Senior Project Manager

We are looking for an experienced Project Manager to join our team. You will lead our Norwegian production division. You will offer and execute projects, lead production teams and develop our process around it.

Two of our robots in action.

What needs to be done

  • You will play a key role in developing our standardized processes for delivering projects to our customers. In this work you will work closely with the rest of our team to integrate the processes with our hard- & software. In other words, you will help to build the tools to do your job in a highly efficient way. A few key processes are:
    • Automated offer generation
    • Parametric structural rebar design
    • Combined robotic & manual production
    • Installation on site
    • Invoicing
    • Quality Documentation
  • You will lead, build, grow and manage our production teams in our two Norwegian Factories.
Morning shift fire drill. New pants have been ordered.
  • You will execute projects for our customers from end-to-end. You will:
    • Prepare offers for new projects.
    • Act as the main contact person throughout the whole project.
    • Organize and oversee production and delivery for ongoing projects.
    • Bear technical and economical responsibility.
    • Collect feedback for continuous improvement.
Delivery to a bridge project

What you bring to the team

  • A proven track record as successful leader
    • Preferably from a project driven industry.
    • Ideally with experience from the construction industry.
  • A systematic, structured and organized style.
  • An Open mind that wants to learn from, share with and integrate into a diverse international team.
  • Experience in Nordic business culture
  • You should be confident speaking and writing in Norwegian. If you don’t speak it yet, what are you waiting for? It’s the easiest language to learn!
    • Even though most of our customers in Norway also speak English, some don’t and almost all of them feel more confident dealing in Norwegian.
  • A drivers license. Until we get a proper auto-pilot, you will have to steer the car to our factories, customers, and suppliers.

What we offer

You become a key contributor to our award winning solution for the construction industry. As project manager you will play a key role in applying our technology in real life projects. You will help building houses, bridges, tunnels, wind turbines and many other beautiful structures in a faster and safer way. And you will bring home the profits. You will enjoy significant responsibility and freedom while doing so. And in many years, you can travel around Norway with your Grandchildren, point your finger and say: “I built this!”. Or if you are a bit more humble and precise: “I helped to build this” 😉

We offer an exciting work environment where we build bleeding edge technology at the interface of structural design, robotics, software and real life construction projects.

Our package includes flexible work hours, a diverse, international team, competitive salary and equity for the right candidate. We value having fun at work and in life!

rebartek robotics startup
Our Team at HAX in Shenzhen last year.


Please apply to max [æt] rebartek (dot) com as soon as possible.
All applicants will receive an answer to their application.

About us

Rebartek is a start-up founded in 2018 and located in southern Norway. We develop software and robots for the construction industry to assemble and weld concrete steel reinforcement bars (rebar). Rebartek has been recognized for their innovative solution, won several international awards and has been ranked amongst the top construction start-ups in the world. Rebartek is currently setting up their third factory and is looking to grow their team.

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